[Publication - Digital Album] Collection Series

Below20 - Sound Museum of Silence is happy to announce a series of digital pubblication dedicated to the silence archive.
First digital album on the series is "Collection #002 - #015" grouping the first entries on the archive, featuring silences from Italy to U.K, from Germany to U.S.A. with sounds varying from walking on snow to road noise at night.  
Second digital album from the archive collects track #016 to #030 featuring urban landscape and different natural sound from insect inside tree stump to a cave, also a sunny afternoon in a Belgian cemetery.

Third digital album features track from #031 to #45 including a sea organ, owl whispering, stolen silence and no music day recordings.


[Press - Open Call] Silence Hunt 2018

Below20 - Sound museum of Silence is looking for silent recordings to expand the archive.
Silence can be defined as a soundscape with loudness below 20 dB. This project is an open archive which collect silence as soundscape / field recording below 20 dB. This is an attemp to create a sound museum of silence. Is an open and on-going project, so everyone can contribute with a silence, sending it by email (20decibel[at]gmail.com). 
With the sound some information are required, like: place of the rec, time of the rec and of the day when was taken, type of ambient in wich the rec was taken, and of course the author. Based on this cataloque of infos, some publication (like digital collection) will be released showing a particular topic.
By sending your track you agree to below20 to use it for publication/exhibition purpose.

Every contribution is appreciated, so arm your sampler!


[Track #047] 90x301 (excerpt)

location: 301 overtoom building, amsterdam, netherland | time: 05 july 2011 | ambient: empty gallery space | author: dario lazzaretto

excerpt from 90'x 301 by dario lazzaretto: "a series of nightly field recordings made during my residency project at AWA gallery, in 301 Overtoom building, Amsterdam"

[Track #46] Digitalsilence

time: 15:00, 25 october 2014 | author: dario lazzaretto

"If true silence is not human and requires the absence of life then it can only be interpreted by a computer..."
I Tacet - dedicated to human death"- 0'24'': the temperature gap that separates life from death (O ° C -24 ° C). A real heartbeat, recorded with a stethoscope*, slows to a stop.
II Tacet - dedicated to the digital death - 0'09'': the "silence" of a freezer recorded by my laptop, which is able to operate over the temperature of human death (up to -35 ° C).
III Tacet - dedicated to absolute death - 04'00'': If my computer - switching off by itself to the temperature too low - would save the file that was recording, in auto save, it would generate a total silence, digital, unreal.

[Track #045] Turn down the heat the soup is too noisy

location: shetland, uk | time: 16:30, 25 november 2014 | ambient: house | author: susan timmins


[Track #044] Peace (silent mix)

location: dubay, united arab emirates | time: february 2013 | author: ram nath the accountant

Peace reassemble a peaceful environment hidden beneath an experimental binaural tones which will induce relaxation, meditation and creativity.