[Track #062] New Year's Eve in OSAKA

location: Shimaizumi,Habikino,Osaka,Japan | time: 16:19~, 31 Dec 2018 | ambient: Japanese wooden house facing a narrow road | author: Kazuya Ishigami


[Track #061] Disappearing

location: Fjallsárlón, Iceland | time: September 9, 2018, between 18:10 and 18:15 | ambient: shore of a glacial lagoon | author: Manuel López

"This recording was made on the shore of the glacial lagoon of Fjallsárlón (Iceland) on September 9, 2018, between 18:10 and 18:15. The water was full of icebergs with different sizes and colors, all oscilating at the same rhythm but in different times, colliding with each other. However, the atmosphere was like a closed space, intimate, inner. They were whispering."


[Track #060] Exposed

author: Katina Bitsicas

"This piece was recorded in my apartment in Florence, Italy in 2011 during a panic attack, where my breathing became heavy and quickened. This audio was then manipulated to create a progression of the breathing."

[Track #059] Hypnagogic Regression

author: Katina Bitsicas

"This piece is a mixture of manipulated archival sounds from a variety of places and dates, primarily in Kalamazoo, MI in 2008 in my college dorm room and Cheboygan, MI in 2013 at an antique shop and a forest preserve. This work simulates the multiple flashbacks that occur of specific traumas in my past by creating a dialogue between the different channels of audio. "

[Track #058] Norwich Castle Museum Dungeon

location: Norwich Castle Museum Dungeon, Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom | time: 13:23, November 20th 2018 | ambient: Historic building/basement/dungeon | author: Michael Ridge

"The dungeons are a rather damp, dark and unpleasant space, the recording picks up occasional drops of water hitting the floor. Distant thuds and clatter can sometimes be heard, usually from members of staff slamming doors or moving objects in one of the basement rooms nearby".

[Track #057] Unborn Chickens

location: small village in the north of Portugal | time: 20 Nov 2018 | ambient: bathroom | author: Tiago Morais Morgado


[Track #056] Yegoshikha Cemetery

location: Yegoshikha Cemetery, Perm, Russia | time: 16.57 on May 13th 2017 | ambient: Cemetery/park | author: Morten Poulsen

"When I was in Perm in Russia, I found the city to be very noisy and dusty. My hotel was in front of a large square where old trams from the soviet times was passing by every few minutes and they were loud and squeaky. I can’t speak or read russian, but wanted to explore, so I stepped on to one of the trams, having no idea where it was going. After some time I stepped off at a random spot, and that was when I found a big park with many trees that seemed to also be a cemetery. Even though it was in the center of the city, the park was very quite and hauntingly beautiful. It was spring and everything was green and peaceful, though all the plants and trees was growing wild around the apparently randomly placed graves. It was such a contrast to the noisy city just outside the park perimeters, that I had to come back a few days later, and spend more time in this place that spoke to me in a deep and strange way - a place that I might never get the chance to visit again in my life. In the foreground of the soundscape there are birds and general noise from the wind in the trees. In the background of the soundscape you can hear someone shouting, and I swear I couldn’t find the source of that shouting. It came from somewhere outside the park, but the sound bounced between the trees, so as to seem like it was a cemetery ghost that spoke from nowhere or everywhere."