[Track #055] Donghwasa temple

location: Donghwasa Buddhist temple, South Korea | time: 10:29 AM, 08-09-2018 | ambient: temple | author: Gintas K


[Press] Sound Museum of Silence in books!

Below 20 - Sound Museum of Silence has been mentioned in a couple of books so far. The highlighted sentence in the above image comes from "Keywords in sound" a collection of twenty entries by leading scholars in the field of sound studies, published by Duke University Press.
In detail, the excerpt comes from the article about silence from Ana Maria Ochoa Gautier.

Ochoa Gautier mentioned the project also in another essay about silence as sonic weapon, as part of "Los silencios de la guerra" a publication by Universidad del Rosario, Bogotà.


[Track #054] Bushveld Afternoon

location: Limpopo Province, South Africa | time: around 2 pm, Nov. 21, 2015 | ambient: bushveld | author: Gregory Kramer

"I made this recording when I was in the bushveld of Limpopo Province, South Africa on November 21, 2015. It was about 2:00 pm in the afternoon and very hot. Much of the wildlife in the area had retreated to find shade."

[Track #053] Sleep (excerpt)

location: Amsterdam, De Krommerdt neighbourhood| time: night, July 2, 2018 | ambient: bedroom on the top floor of an apartment | author: David Prescott-Steed


[Track #052] Draw for 4'33''

location: Saguenay region, Quebec, Canada | time: afternoon, July 4, 2018 | ambient: art studio, attic of an old wooden house | author: Nathalie Lavoie

"On Wednesday, July 4, 2018, in the afternoon, I was drawing sitting directly on the floor of my studio (at home) in the attic of an old wooden house. I live in the countryside in the Saguenay region (Quebec, Canada). It was very hot and humid outside and inside the house. And I was alone.
During this session in the workshop, I made five drawings with my eyes closed for 4'33" in homage to John Cage's musical piece 4'33" on Carta Manuscript paper for musicians. However, I don't remember which one I recorded the production"


[Track #051] In Situ

location: London, UK | time:1pm 10th January 2017 | ambient: studio | author: Peter Barnard

Recording created whilst situated within an art studio with audio from a YouTube video showing a live performance of John Cage’s ‘4’33’ being played through an amplifier in the same space

[Track #050] Tasty Orange

location: Salzamt studio house Linz, Austria | time: 16.03.18, 17:30 | ambient: house | author: Sebastian Six

excerpt from "Heimliches Arbeiten beginnt“ installation