[Press - Open Call] #quarantine_landscape

#quarantine_landscape open call

As people experience different levels of lockdown due to the pandemic, our living spaces enter an anomalous, hard and somehow unexpected new dimension. Yet this condition can reveal some intriguing situations. Focusing on silence, the Below20 - Sound museum of Silence is opening a special call for field recordings of ambient “silenced” by the pandemic. COVID 19 is having a huge impact on our lives and this reflects on the places we habit or the places we don’t frequent anymore.*

Silence can be defined as a soundscape with loudness below 20 dB. This project is an open archive which collects silence as soundscape / field recording below 20 dB. This is an open and on-going project, so everyone can contribute with a silence, sending it by email at 20decibel[at]gmail.com
With the sounds, some information is required, like the place of the rec, time of the rec and of the day when was taken, type of ambient in wich the rec was taken, and of course the author. Based on this catalog of infos, some publications (like digital collection) will be released.
By sending your track you agree to below20 to use it for publication/exhibition purpose.

Every contribution is appreciated, so arm your sampler!

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