[Press] Arm your Sampler

below 20 is an attemp to create an imaginary museum. The theme of this museum is the silence. The interesting thing, a paradox, is that the museum will be a sound museum.
Silence can be defined as a soundscape with loudness below 20 dB (decibel). So this will be an archive of recording of soundscape "below20dB". This is an open and on-going project, so everyone can contribute with a silence, send it by email or over the dropbox, and every track will be under creative common attribution noncommercial share alike license.
With the sound some information are required like: place of the rec, time of the rec and of the day when was taken, type of ambient in wich the rec was taken, and of course the author.
Based on this cataloque of infos, some publication will be released (like magazine + cd) showing a particular topic.
Every contribution is appreciated, so arm your sampler!

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