[Performance] Liminal (live report)

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Liminal is a performance -developed with hacienda sonora- about silence, inaudible sounds and ambient sound usually marked as noise. It is basically a research about silence and its relationship with sound, about deep and high frequencies, glitch and phase interaction/erasure. It is also an attemp to subvert a usual concert, moving the focus of the performance from the performer to the audience and the ambient, trying to give the spectator a new sound experience.

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Thanks to Iuav university and to RAM RadioArteMobile the work was performed in a mini tour that reached the city of Venezia and Roma.
Here some pictures of the show taken by Monica Bosaro and Marco Giarracca, and an audio recording of the 3 set performed at the venues.
Thanks to all the people that helped, sustained and attended to liminal. we are working for more stuff.
stay tuned!

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