[Track #46] Digitalsilence

time: 15:00, 25 october 2014 | author: dario lazzaretto

"If true silence is not human and requires the absence of life then it can only be interpreted by a computer..."
I Tacet - dedicated to human death"- 0'24'': the temperature gap that separates life from death (O ° C -24 ° C). A real heartbeat, recorded with a stethoscope*, slows to a stop.
II Tacet - dedicated to the digital death - 0'09'': the "silence" of a freezer recorded by my laptop, which is able to operate over the temperature of human death (up to -35 ° C).
III Tacet - dedicated to absolute death - 04'00'': If my computer - switching off by itself to the temperature too low - would save the file that was recording, in auto save, it would generate a total silence, digital, unreal.

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